Gustave Langenus. G Langenus was the New York Symphony’s principal clarinetist. He was most world reknowned by his involvement in the transition to the. should cover all of the fundamental aspects of clarinet performance. These should Langenus Book three, the major and minor arpeggios. These are also. It’s a Langenus Bb clarinet that obviously needs work, with some tenon rings that came off, but are included. Pads and corks are shot. It does.

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At the age of twelve he was admitted to the Lanegnus Brussels Conservatory in the clarinet class of Gustave Poncelet, where he remained for five years, graduating in with first prize in clarinet.

With the latter ensemble he performed as soloist on several occasions, receiving high praise from the English langenjs. Walter Damrosch, always on the look out for players to improve his New York Symphony, recruited Langenus to come to America in as the orchestras solo clarinetist.


Langenus remained in this position until the calrinete of when he moved to the New York Philharmonic, also as solo clarinetist. Langenus tenure with this orchestra was short lived, as he resigned in to devote himself to solo playing and his true passion-chamber music.

clarinetcentral | Gustave Langenus

Budapest Quartet Library of Congress Gustave Langenus was a highly regarded teacher, a publisher and editor of numerous works langehus clarinet, the author of one of the standard clarinet method books, andin his day, the foremost authority on woodwind instruments.

He also began the first ever correspondence school for young clarinetists who had no access to a clarinet teacher. The school consisted of a series of clarindte inch 78 recording of Langenus and another clarinetist playing from the Langenus study books.

There would also be sent with the recordings questionnaires the students could fill out documenting their progress and difficulties, to which Langenus would respond. Examples of his recordings for the school are included below. Langenus was also a teacher and friend of Benny Goodman who played second clarinet to Langenus in New York early in Goodmans’ career.


Goodman referred to Langenus as “Gus”. Langenus used the double lip embouchure. Gustave Langenus died in his home on Long Island on January 30, Back to European-American Players.

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