Kolaiyuthir Kaalam () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. An official statement regarding the release is expected to be announced later this year. According to reports, ‘Kolaiyuthir Kaalam’ is a remake of the Hollywood. We recently reported that Nayanthara would be seen in Chakri Toleti’s woman- centric action flick titled Kolaiyuthir Kaalam. More on that — the.

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Autumn of murders is a thriller novel by Sujatha Rangarajan. It is another interesting story featuring Ganesh-Vasanth duo.

Latest news on Nayanthara’s ‘Kolaiyuthir Kaalam’

The story has many falling of deaths like leaves falling from tree and contrastingly named, which attracts the interest of readers. The story is written in the early 80’s which involves high end scientific thoughts which was very new to that period.

Ganesh and Vasanth visit a town for legal purpose involving settling down property inheritance issue. They meet a man Kumara Vyasankoaiyuthir of an innocent, amateur girl heir named Leena. According to the will the property cannot be divided or sold and it can be inherited only by the direct heirs at their eighteen years of age while close kolaiykthir are supposed to be guardians. While discussing, Ganesh and Vasanth are told that the legal heir girl, Leena has committed a murder by becoming a blood sucking vampire and that Kumara Vyasan has concealed the victim’s body by burying it two years ago.


They were also told that there is a belief in the ksalam that, a spirit which comes once in two years will kill people.

Ganesh is not willing to accept that fact, searches for a valid explanation. He along with Vasanth visits the farm at night where they see an illusion of a girl in grey color resembling Leena and some voices pointing to some names.

‎Kolaiyuthir Kaalam directed by Chakri Toleti • Film + cast • Letterboxd

Also many mysterious things happen at the farm house which terrorize both of them. Ganesh wanted to believe that there is no kaaoam but circumstances make him to slowly believe while Vasanth started to believe the fact of Spirit. Kumara Vyasan was sure that Leena commits murders under the influence of spirit. Ganesh doubts Kumara Vyasan that the incident are tricks mastered by him to eliminate Leena with motivations that he can be the heir if in case Leena dies without having children.

Many murders occur during the course of investigation where Kumaravyasan is also one among victim. At a point, Ganesh and Vasanth split themselves and Ganesh tries to prove all the incidents is a science kolaiyughir made by human efforts to mislead everyone, Vasanth tries to prove everything is due to the super natural forces.

Circumstances point Leena to be killer but her innocence confuses Ganesh. Meanwhile all assumptions of science are collapsed and Ganesh starts to believe that the real explanation of all the incidents is the Spirit. Does the spirit kills by taking revenge?

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Is spirit real or an illusion? Subsequent part of the story moves with the answers to these questions. The story combines both Scientific and Mythical aspects to interest readers. The story ends with a shock where a reader has very minute possibility to guess who or what is the reason for the unusual things to happen.

The story also entertains everywhere with Vasanth’s playboy mischief. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article does not cite any sources. Please kloaiyuthir improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Kolaiyuthir based on Hollywood’s Hush- The New Indian Express

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