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JBL B/BWX, B: ,yen(one set) There are two kinds of finish of an enclosure, B becomes gray finish and BWX serves as walnut. Hi there, I’ve just bought a pair JBL , quite surprised that this model is quite rare in any forum and web. I’m cerently using a tube. Item: JBL A Studio Monitors Location: Brisbane QLD Price: $ Item Condition: Very very good. Reason for selling: Funding other.

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Results 1 to 9 of 9. Which amp to match JBL ? Hi there, I’ve just bought a pair JBLquite surprised that this model is quite rare in any forum and web. I’m cerently using a tube intergrated amp Nelson Audio Image 66i KT66 with 40W power and feel that the sound is transperant, detailed, accurate I’m planning to change the amp to a single-end B amp 15W or less, but not sure if with such low power can drive well the Document said sensitivity of is 89db only, though I feel this monitor would be more 90db.

Any one out there have experience with pls help to advise. Your suggestion on amp matching is very appreciated.

Jacki, I have used a B triode on mbl JBLs 95 dba and it was okay on acoustic program material but was left wanting on Pink Floyd.

Your being 6 db less sensitve would require 4 x the power for the same sound level being 60 watts so I would tend to avoid this option and stick with your current amp or larger if need be. However I would suspect your pre amp or program source before the power amp.


Can the be biamped easily? That would be a sweet combo with a stout SS amp for the bottom end! Jacky You may want to mount these against a wall to get best bass response and lower the high frequency level until you achieve smoothest response on the ear.

I used to power them with a McIntosh watts per side. Audiobeer If my memory serves me well, s are not designed to be biamped.

JBL 4315 Speakers Pair Studio Monitor Vintage

Last edited by IDF; at OK, Thanks for yr suggetions. I’m keen on more warm and weet sound so I’ll try to look for a warm pre-amp, as much as possible. Could you suggest me some name? I’m also quite surprised with wires inside the speaker: Wire from binding post to crossover and from crossover to 4 drivers are all quite small. So are other JBL monitors?

Is it necessary to replace these wire by other better quality wires? Last edited by JackyTran; at JBL s I power mine with a McIntosh and the result is just amazing, epeciaqlly with a passive preamp.

For Some reason West coast matched with east coast makes for an amazing pair.

Thats an interesting observation. Its not easy See the thread by Aussie Pete titled ‘b’. Read my words ” guaranteed to spend years of wasted effort trying to get rid of the transistor sound’. I confess to only once trying tubes and the sound quality and price was very high. The sound was softer then a SS amp. The are a curse and a blessing. I found they all sound different colouration leaving me confused as to which was correct.


The CL ad readJBL

I did find that some SS amps had a better grip on the bass driver and this was usually apparent from the lowest volumes. There is a new generation of power amp designs on the market and I look forward to hearing on your search for the holy 44315.

I was very pleased the st70, Sherwood and Yamaha. I’d have to say the McIntosh and the st70 were my favorite.

The sounded very nice too and had plenty of current to drive these very well. I’d have to say the def had more of the wooley vintage sound and a small bit of transisteritus.

The Yamaha was the most clinical of the amps. If I was to be mastering or mixing a mbl this would be the best setup for that. I always liked the Yamaha M series amps especially in class A.

A good blend of warm yet accurate sound, Very underrated and a great bang for buck in my opinion.

JBL Studio Monitor Speakers (Clean) | eBay

The Sherwood which sounds nice on my L56s and Large Advents did not do these speakers justice at all. I think these speaker kbl bring out the best and worse of any amplifier. I agree that these do best with plenty of power. JBL recommends watts. JBL mono power amp All times are GMT The time now is Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano.