Specifications. Tuning range: FM, MW. Power output: watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo). Frequency response: 10Hz to kHz. Total harmonic distortion. Harman Kardon HK Receivers. DESCRIPTION. Seven audio inputs; Four video inputs; 30 AM/FM station presets; Three-step dimmable fluorescent display . Specifications: ○ Two Channel (Stereo) Receiver Modified by Stereo Dave’s ○ Power Output: Watts RMS x 2 into 8. Ohms; Watts RMS x 2 into 4 Ohms.

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My brother is looking to buy a new receiver to replaced his failed unit.

Harman Kardon HK 3480 2 Channel 240 Watt Receiver

It seems to have very good specs, and everything I have read about it is hadman encouraging. I just thought I’d check hear first.

I might add his budget is very limited. If his budget is limited I can’t think haarman a better choice for a stereo receiver than the Harman Kardon HK You’ld have to spend at least three times as much to get something that is discernably better Outlaw RR, for example.


Harman Kardon HK 3480 Receivers

You could also check out the Sherwood Newcastle RX stereo receiver for about the same price. Pretty good for a budget receiver.

That’s what I figured. I know their now made in China, but I understand they still design hamran here. That kind of scares me because I went through hell with a V.

L tube amp made in China. Their beautifully hand wired in New York. Fantastic sound with my AKG K’s!

Harman Kardon |

Seems to be a pretty good deal. Should be here in about 3 more days.

He and I bought 3 apiece. Within the last year I’ve installed a HK and I just love karvon. BTW, Stereophile has given an honorable mention in the past for the W version. Also, the unit I got was factory direct remanufactured.

Harman Kardon HK 2 Channel Watt Receiver | eBay

I wasn’t disappointed with what I received. Also, this company still believes in great customer service. If you don’t like it send it back for a different unit.


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