Title, Kontrolní otázky z fyziologie. Author, Stanislav Trojan. Publisher, Triton, ISBN, , Length, pages. Export Citation. Original filename: Lékařská fyziologie – Kittnar pdf. This PDF PDF Document leka sk fyziologie trojan · PDF Document leka sk. Slovníček lékařské fyziologie. Front Cover. Stanislav Trojan, Miloš Langmeier. Galén Bibliographic information. QR code for Slovníček lékařské fyziologie.

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The comments to the books are our ttojan VH. Gerwin Professor of Physiology, University of Tennessee, Memphis, USA Description This third edition of Fyzoilogie Medical Physiology has been thoroughly revised and covers the principal subjects covered in a modern medical school physiology course.

It includes chapters on general physiology, as well as cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, gastrointestinal, endocrine, central nervous system, and integrative physiology. Contributors to this indispensible textbook include the leading physiologists Leonard R.

Maurice Goodman, John H. Neil Granger, Frank L. Schafer, and Dianna A. The author ACGwhose primary research contributed significantly to elucidation of several key mechanisms of cardiovascular homeostasis, is an excelent teacher capable of presenting even the most complex topics in an understanable and fun way.

Lékařská fyziologie

You can have a look at this book at our Department of Physiology. Very comprehensive textbook, a good reference source.

You can find just about anything here. More than you need for 2nd year med school exam, but perfect as a reference in everyday medical practice. The book is very well written. The author’s own primary research earns him a prestige of being a significant authority in cardiovascular physiology. Berne EditorMatthew N. A somewhat scaled down and one year younger version of the previous book. Geared specifically towards medical students for “easy” absorbance. Useful clinical examples absent in the detailed version.

Probably the most extensive textbook of physiology available. Gillian Pocock, Christopher D. This textbook has exceptionally useful color illustrations – in fact, they might be seen here. They are a useful learning resource even if you do not buy the book. Concepts of Altered Health States Hardcover: Very extensive and well written book on pathophysiology, also covering lots of normal physiology.


A very unusual approach – learning physiology through coloring black and white illustrations. Walter Boron, Emile L. Boulpaep Textbook of Medical Physiology Hardcover: Its emphasis on clinical aspects is pleasant and interesting. It stresses essential and relevant content with clarity and includes numerous tables and illustrations.

Revised and updated, this 2nd edition provides information on the underlying principles of cellular physiology, the autonomic nervous system, neurophysiology, as well as the cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, acid-base, gastrointestinal, endocrine, and reproduction organ systems.

An Integrated Approach builds upon the book’s thorough coverage of integrative and molecular physiology topics to give you a solid foundation of understanding for your education, career, or general knowledge. Every piece of art has been revised so that figures and diagrams are clearer, fyziiologie it easier to understand complex physiological systems.

Ashcroft Life at the Extremes: An Integrated Approach Hardcover: An introductory level text for first and second year students in human or animal physiology. The text focuses on developing students’ skills by helping them connect facts and concepts and apply them to real-world situations. Included are illustrations of physiological processes.

Intended for health science students, this textbook emphasizes broad concepts and their application to specific problems as opposed to presenting excessive detail and encouraging rote memorization. Chapters are grouped by biological system, with additional chapters covering cellular physiology and temperature regulation and exercise.

This review and study guide is designed for medical students who are using the Second Edition of Johnson’s Essential Medical Physiology in their course work. The review book contains 1, questions based on the text, plus answers and discussions. Also included are 62 illustrative drawings, most of them selected from the text.

Lékařská fyziologie – Stanislav Trojan – Google Books

Other user-friendly features include detailed outlines of the chapters of the text and boxed displays containing hot topics or key facts statements. Used in conjunction with Essential Medical Troian, this review book will stimulate deeper engagement with the text, serve as a guide to key points, and refresh the student’s memory before an exam. The style makes it easy to pick out relevant information.


The fourth edition of NMS Physiologya well respected and heavily used text, is written in an outline format useful to medical students who require a physiology course review and a comprehensive study tool for USMLE preparation. New to the edition are more questions, updated case studies in clinical decision making, concise outlines, and expanded diagrams. Sections devoted to endocrinology, acid-base, fyzoilogie pathophysiology also are especially helpful to students.

This is a colourful, highly illustrated textbook of human physiology aimed at medical students. Organized by systems in the traditional approach used by many physiology texts, the book also offers additional features; the text is succinct, with emphasis on core knowledge, there are clinical application boxes throughout, and each section contains examples of applied physiology to show how systems interact and are dependent on each other.

There are multiple choice questions MCQs with answers at the end of each section. This page provided in association with. Use the provided links. Textbooks of Physiology and other potentially useful books. These textbooks can be purchased on-line from Amazon. Lingappa, Krista Farey Physiological Medicine: Dee Unglaub Silverthorn et al. Widmaier, Hershel Raff, Kevin T.

McCance EditorSue E. Tanner Medical Physiology Paperback: Bealer Review of Medical Physiology: Questions With Answers Paperback: Lauralee Sherwood Human Physiology: From Cells to Systems Fyzioogie The CD-ROM contains further coverage of topics that students often find difficult, using graphics and animations.

For this fifth edition, new information based on recent discoveries has been included.

Andrew Davies, Asa G. Blakeley, Cecil Kidd, J. McGeown Human Physiology Paperback: These books can also be purchased on-line, but not directly from here. Also available in English.