“The discovery of Witchcraft; wherein the leud dealing of Witches, and Witchmongers is notably detected, the knavery of Conjurers, the impiety of Inchantors, the. The Discoverie of Witchcraft (Classic Reprint) [Reginald Scot] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Excerpt from The Discoverie of Witchcraft. Reginald Scot wrote The Discoverie of Witchcraft as a refutation of witchcraft and the inquisition. He argued that witchcraft and spirits were fictional, and caused.

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Discoverie of Witchcraft by Reginald Scot London, The Characters of the Planets. The five Planetary Aspects. Their Disposition or Witcucraft. As for Spirits of the Air, Water, Fire. Certeine popish and magicall cures, for them that are bewitched in their privities. How men have beene bewitched, cousened or abused by dreames to dig and search for monie [money].

The art and order to be used in digging for monie, revealed by dreames, how to procure pleasant dreames, of morning and midnight dreames. Sundrie receipts and ointments, made and used for the transportation of witches, and other miraculous effects: The superstition of the kf about the element of fier, and how it grew in such reverence among them, of dkscoverie corruptions, and dkscoverie they had some inkling of the godlie fathers dooings in that behalfe. Of the Romane sacrifices: Colleges of augurors, their office, their number, the signification of augurie, that the practisers of that art were couseners, their profession, their places of exercise, their apparrell, their superstition.

The times and seasons to exercise augurie, the maner and arder thereof, of the ceremonies thereunto belonging. Popish periapts, amulets and charmes, agnus Dei, a wastcote of proofe, a charme for the falling evill, a writing brought to S. Leo from heaven by an angell, the vertues of S. How to make holie water, and the vertues therof. How to raise up the Spirits, Paymon, Bathin, and Barma: And what wonderful things may be effected through their assistance. How to raise and exorcize all sorts of Spirits belonging discoverje the Airy Region.

Discoverie of Witchcraft, The

How to obtain the familiarity of the Fiscoverie or Good Angel, and cause him to appear. For direct cure to such as are disdoverie in the privie members, the first and speciall is confession: Item, to fill a quill with quicke silver, and laie the same under the cushine, where such a one sitteth, or else to put it under the threshold of the doore of the house or chamber where he dwelleth. Item, to pisse through a wedding ring. Moore hath such a cure in this matter, as I am ashamed to write, either in Latine or English: But that is rather a medicine to procure generation, than the cure of witchcraft, though it serve both turnes.

Item, when ones instrument of venerie is bewitched, certeine characters must be written in virgine parchment, celebrated and discverie by a popish priest; and thereon also must the Psalme be written, and bound Ad viri fascinati coxam.

Item, one Katharine Loe having a husband not so readilie disposed that waie as she wished him to be made a waxen image to the likenes of hir husbands bewitched member, and offered it up at S.

A strange cure done to one that was molested with Incubus. What is the matter quoth Jason? I will shew you sir, said the priest. There commeth unto mee, almost everie night, a certeine woman, unknowne unto me, and lieth so heavie upon my brest, that I cannot fetch my breath, neither have anie power to crie, neither doo my hands [48] serve me to shoove hir awaie, nor my feete to go from hir.

I smiled quoth Jason and told him that he was vexed with a disease called Incubus, or the mare; and the residue was phantasie and vaine imagination.

Full text of “The discoverie of witchcraft”

Naie said the priest it cannot be so: I see hir when she commeth upon me, and strive to repell hir; but I am so infeebled that I cannot: Then went I unto an old woman quoth the priest diecoverie was said to be a cunning witch: And by the masse quoth the priest witchvraft prophesie fell out as sure as a club. For a witch came to my house, and complained of a greefe in hir bladder, and that she could not pisse. But I could neither by faire nor fowle meanes obteine at hir hands, that she would leave molesting me by night; but she keepeth hir old custome, determining by these filthie meanes to dispatch me.


I could hardlie saith Jason reclaime him from this mad humor; but by that time he had beene with me three or foure times, he began discoveroe comfort himselfe, and at last perceiving it, he acknowledged his disease, and recovered the same. A confutation of all the former follies touching Incubus, which by examples and proofes of like stuffe is shewed to be flat knaverie, wherein the carnall copulation with spirits is overthrowne.

For in that case he saith ; What have we here? Hemton hamten, here will I never more tread nor stampen. Where there is no meate eaten, there can be no seed which thereof is ingendred: Item, where the genitall members want, there can be no disscoverie of the flesh: And as spirits cannot be greeved with hunger, so can they not be inflamed witchcaft lustes. And if men should live ever, what needed succession or heires?

For that is but an ordinance of God, to supplie the place, the number, the world, the time, and speciallie to accomplish his will. But the power of generation consisteth not onlie in members, but chieflie of vitall spirits, and of the hart: And yet the most part of writers herein affirme, that it is a palpable and visible bodie; though all be phansies and fables that are written hereupon.

Quia humor spermaticus ex succo alimentari provenit. I my selfe could manifest as having, knowne how wise men have beene that waie abused by verie djscoverie persons, even where no dreame hath beene met withall, but waking dreames.

And this hath beene used heretofore, as one of the finest cousening feates: Albeit that here in England, this proverbe hath beene current; to wit, Dreames proove contrarie: Yea maister saith he but dreames proove contrarie, you must kisse mine. And then a certeine praier. You shall find in Johannes Baptista Neapolitanus, diverse receipts by hearbes and potions, to discoverei pleasant or fearefull dreames; and perfumes also to that effect; who affirmeth, that dreames in the dead of the night are commonlie preposterous and monstrous; and in the morning when the grosse humors be spent, there happen more pleasant and certeine dreames, the bloud being more pure than at other times: It shall not be amisse here in this place to repeate an ointment greatlie to this purpose, rehearsed by the foresaid John Bapt.

Bodin, and sueh other, as write so absolutelie in maintenance of witches transportations, I will set downe his words in this behalfe. The receipt is as followeth. The fat of yoong children, and seeth it with water in a brasen vessell, reserving the thickest of that which remaineth boiled in the bottome, which they laie up and keepe, untill occasion serveth to use it. They stampe all these togither, and then they rubbe all parts of their bodies exceedinglie, till they looke red, and be verie hot, so as the pores may be opened, and their flesh dicsoverie and loose.

Reginald Scot’s collection of magical texts

They joine herewithall either fat, or oile in steed thereof, that the force of the ointment maie the rather witchcravt inwardly, and so be more effectuall. By this means saith he in a moone light night they seeme to be carried in the aire, to feasting, singing, dansing, kissing, culling, and other acts of venerie, with such you thes as they love and desire most: And whereas they are naturallie prone to beleeve dicoverie thing ; so doo they receive such impressions and stedfast imaginations into their minds, as even their spirits are altered thereby; not thinking upon anie thing else, either by daie or by night.

Now saith he when I considered throughlie discoveriee, remaining doubtfull of the matter, there fell into my hands a witch, who of hir owne accord did promise me to fetch me an errand out of hand from farre countries, and willed all them, whome I had brought to witnesse the matter, to depart out of the chamber.

Now when doscoverie strength and powers were wearie and decaied, shee awooke of hir owne accord, and began off speake manie vaine and doting words, affirming that she had passed over didcoverie seas and mountaines; delivering to us manie untrue and false reports: For there came to the heathen, the bare names of things, from the doctrine of the godlie fathers and patriarchs, and those so obscured with fables, and corrupted with lies, so overwhelmed with superstitions, and disguised with ceremonies, that it is hard to judge from whence they came.


Some cause thereof I suppose was partlie the translations of governements, whereby one nation learned follie of another; and partlie blind devotion, without knowledge of Gods word: And that the Gentiles had some inkling of the godlie fathers dooings, may diverslie appeare.

Doo not the Muscovits and Indian prophets at this daie, like apes, imitate Esaie? But hereof is more largelie discoursed before in witcycraft word Kasam. When they came home well informed and instructed in this art, their estimation and dignitie was such, as they were accounted, reputed, and taken to be the interpretors of the gods, or rather betweene the gods and them.

No high preest, nor anie dizcoverie great officer was elected, but these did either absolutelie nominate them, or else did exhibit the names of two, whereof the senate must choose the one. In their ancient lawes were written these words: Let there be alwaies some discovsrie, to learne with what gods they have decreed or determined their matters, and let sacrifices be made unto them in times of lightening, or at anie strange or dicoverie shew.

Let all such conjecturing tokens be observed; whatsoever the soothsaier commandeth, let it be religiouslie obeied. Afterwards that number was augmented to five, and after that to nine: In the end, they increased so fast, that they were feine to make a decree for staie disxoverie the further proceeding in those erections: One matter, to bewraie their counsening, is; that they could never worke nor foreshew anie thing to the poore or inferior sort of people: Such matters as touched the baser sort, were inferior causes; which the superstition of the people themselves would not neglect to learne.

Howbeit, the professors of this art descended not so lowe, as to communicate with them: And therefore first they used to choose a cleare daie, and faire wether to doo their busines in: Their apparell was verie preestlike, of fashion altered from all others, speciallie at the time of their praiers, wherein they might not omit a word nor a syllable: John, written in fine discoveire, is placed in the concavitie thereof: Balme, virgine wax, and holie water, an Agnus Dei make: A gift than which none can ciscoverie greater, I send thee for to take.

From founteine eleere the same hath issue, in secret sanctifide: Gainst lightning it hath soveraigne vertue, and thunder crackes beside.

Ech hainous sinne it weares and witchcradt, even as Christs precious blood, And women, whiles their travelllasteth, it saves, it is so good. It doth bestow great gifts and graces, on witxhcraft as well deserve: And bome about in noisome places, from perill doth preserve.

The force of fire, whose heat destroieth, it breaks witchcrraft bringeth downe: And he or she that this enjoieth, no water shall them drowne. Englished by Abraham Fleming. And otherwise, that woman that would weare it, should have quicke deliverance: On Christmas daie at night, a threed must be sponne of flax, by a little virgine girle, in the name of the divell: In the brest or forepart thereof must be made with needle worke two heads; on the head at the right side must be a hat, and a long beard; the left head must have on a crowne, and it oc be so horrible, that it maie resemble Belzebub, and on each side of the wastcote must de made a crosse.

Moreover, this insuing is another counterfet charme of theirs, whereby the falling evill is presentlie remedied.