In the field there isn’t always a place to unload your data when a tape or SD card fills up. For this, Datavideo created the DN DV/HDV. THIS IS A DATA VIDEO DV/HDV RECORDER DN GOOD CONDITION NO HARD DRIVES INCLUDED. | eBay!. Results 1 – 11 of 11 Datavideo DN DV/HDV HDD Hard Drive Digital Video Recorder 1U THIS IS A DATA VIDEO DV/HDV RECORDER DN GOOD.

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Getting media onto a computer can sometimes be a time-consuming process.

Camcorders with FireWire output and any other devices with component YPbPrcomposite or S-Video outputs can be plugged into this device and have the video output saved in DV format. Need to convert old VHS tapes? Camcorders plugged into the datwvideo with FireWire can also playback videos stored on the DN All the video is saved to a GB removable 2. For instance, the device may freeze if multiple camcorders are hooked up. There is a setting in the menu that fixes this problem, but disables video playback.


The rest of the device is very dtavideo A person with little experience with video could figure out how to use this device in under an hour.

Unfortunately this means that the largest file size is 2 GB. A large video is thus broken into datavido 2 GB pieces. There are two ways to access the data from a PC or Mac: While in HDD mode the device can not do anything, but all the data can be accessed. Datavideo made software to batch all of these together and output the video in multiple formats: Unfortunately, the converter actually makes the files take up more space than the original raw file, instead of compressing them to a more usable size.

The DN video recorder is an item of convenience.

Datavideo DN DV/HDV Recorder | eBay

The DN eliminates the need of the computer and the software. Its best attribute is the ability to store up to 18 hours of video. Newer camcorders with flash memory cards can store more but nowhere near the amount of a removable hard drive. Windows or Mac Input: Datavideo Elmer Ave. Whittier, CA www.


Datavideo DN-400 DV/HDV Video Recorder Review

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Introduction to Green Screen — What it is and how it works. Combine sound effects with motion graphics for greater impact.

DN – Datavideo Technologies Co.

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