The Klone and I: A Novel [Danielle Steel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Stephanie had a rat for a husband. But after 13 years of. The Klone And I: A High-Tech Love Story [Danielle Steel] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Will be shipped from US. Used books may not. The Klone and I by Danielle Steel – book cover, description, publication history.

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The Klone and I « Danielle Steel

Evidently, Danielle Steel has thf kidnapped by a mad scientist who clamped her into some gizmo that fused her brain with that of Douglas Adams, author of The Klone and I: A High-Tech Love Storyboasts her typical trappings–a divorced heroine, a cruel man, a sexy man with big money, and lots of shopping with brand-name tags conspicuously attached–the book is also the wackiest bit of self-indulgent sci-fi since.

The Klone and I starts out normally enough: And I felt nauseous,” Stephanie reflects–though she admits that things hadn’t been going well, what with hubby living off her trust fund and their having sex every six months or so. Realistically, their farewell hug goes like this: Then, one day, on an strel trip to the Left Bank of Paris, Steph steps into one of those cool old French elevators with Peter, a hunk in a button-down Oxford shirt and tasteful khakis.

In fact, he takes her to the Ritz! Alas, Peter must Louvre her and leave her for a business trip out West. So Peter sends Paul to keep te company. Paul is a dead ringer for Peter, because he’s a kind of clone created by Peter and his sanielle biotech company.

He’s called a “klone” to distinguish him from a conventional clone, which is a mere replica of its original–this “klone” may be a physical copy of Peter, but inside he’s had a major id upgrade. As always with Steel, the clue is in the character’s clothes: But when Olone drops that leopard-satin G-string, watch out! It’s quadruple flips danie,le flagrante delictowith our heroine and, the next morning, danjelle chiropractor coming out on top.

Though Paul deplorably guzzles Chateau d’Yquem by the case and crashes Peter’s Jaguar into snow banks, he’s ans even more brilliantly empathic with Stephanie’s kids than stuffy Peter is. What’s a mother to do? Is Steph robbing Peter to play with Paul? Does Steel know that her comic tone though not her subject actually slightly echoes that of Betty MacDonald’s classic comedy memoir –Tim Appelo. More fanciful than technologically snappy, this novel her 42nd, after The Long Road Home grafts one scientific wrinkle onto the usual romance.

Stunned when her feckless husband declares that their companionable but passionless marriage is over then sues her for alimony and child supportyear-old Stephanie spends the next year improving both her body and her self-respect.

After a chaste but exhilarating evening together, Stephanie is sure that she’ll never see him again, but he tracks her down in the Hamptons and they fall in love. An executive at a company specializing in bionics, Peter has been working on a secret invention. When he travels to California on business, his creation, Paul Klone, turns up at Stephanie’s door. Paul is a physical replica of Peter, but the resemblance ends there.

Whereas Peter favors Oxford shirts and khakis, Paul is a fan of Versace’s most outlandish creations. Although she daniellle been pleased with Peter’s lovemaking, Paul’s triple back flips during sex leave Stephanie singing the body electric. When Peter becomes jealous of Paul, things get sticky. Although the SF element is anr approximately one part Ray Bradbury to 35 parts SteelSteel’s speculative whimsy spices her romantic concoction to produce a light but charming read.


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The Klone and I: Stephanie had a rat for a husband. Zteel after 13 years of marriage and two kids, she was devastated when he left her for a younger woman. Suddenly Stephanie was alone. And after months of trying to find a little romance on New York’s wild singles circuit, she was ready to give up, reconciled to just raising her two great, but outspoken, kids.

Then a spur-of-the-moment trip Stephanie had a rat for a husband. Then a spur-of-the-moment trip to Paris changed everything. She met him on the Left Bank.

Peter Baker was a marvelously handsome high-tech entrepreneur also visiting the city. Stephanie was certain it couldn’t possibly work. Peter was just too perfect. But much to her amazement, he contacted her when they returned to New York. And at the Long Island rental cottage she shared with her kids, Stephanie embarked on a bizarre and hilarious adventure beyond her wildest dreams. Shy, serious Peter, chairman of a bionic enterprise, was supposed to be away on business.

Instead, he’s standing at her door, wearing day-glo satin and rhinestones. Naturally, Stephanie thinks it’s a joke–until the truth suddenly dawns: This is his double! Calling himself Paul Klone, this wild, uninhibited creature isn’t even remotely like Peter except for his identically sexy good looks.

This uproarious novel explores the outrageous love triangle that develops between Stephanie, Peter In a wickedly funny, right-on-target look at finding the perfect mate in an imperfect world, bestselling novelist Danielle Steel reveals insights into the human heart that have made her novels 1 bestsellers around the world.

Paperbackpages. Published July 27th by Dell first published June 1st Peter BakerPeter Klone. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign stefl. To ask other readers questions about The Klone and Iplease sign up. Lists with This Book. Aug 10, Sarah rated it did not like it Shelves: I used to read Danielle Steel when I was 13 and By 15, I tseel onto her and over her.

She wrote very formulaically and she was also a dork, the latter being less kloe to a highschool sophomore. While on my honeymoon in Costa Rica, I ran out of books to read. I blasted through my books during my flights and layovers and early mornings when I couldn’t sleep and he could.

We visited a coffee shop we loved several times while in La Fortuna and they had a free bin of books. Josh was feeling a I used to read Danielle Steel when I was 13 and Josh was feeling a little deprived of the Olympics while we were gone and they had a television playing coverage constantly, so while he watched highlights of the mens basketball team, I read The Klone and I.

I knew it would be bad, but I was hoping for a little flash of what I used to enjoy. And maybe a threesome between the heroine, her lover and his clone. Something entertaining like that! This book is ridiculous, but I feel ridiculous typing such an obvious statement.


Bits of the same old formula gave me momentary bits of nostalgia Hey New Yorkers, is the restaurant 21 the place to see and be seen? Her characters’ lovers have been taking them there to show off for years.

The Klone and I: A High-Tech Love Story

This woman had to lose what she thought she would always have and then, once she’d given up on ever finding love again, find an even nad love. Then she had to resist the hell out of him. I finally read between her lines, now that I’m an adult, that it reads a little creepy when she does this. But the lady always figures out that she does want, no NEED the man. Once she lets her guard down dannielle accepts it, the klone shows up.

Her beau, who works in bionics and drives a Jaguar and wears white jeans and Gucci loafers, has developed a klone of himself and sweetly sends him in his place while he’s on business. A klone is apparently an android of some sort, with wires in his neck but real human flesh, tje kept alive despite a lack of a heartbeat, even while his head is taken off during his downtime. She has obviously never read sci-fi. The problem or the bonus is that this klone’s kinks have not been worked out.

The dznielle man acts like Cousin Larry and the clone acts like Balki Bartokomous, should Balki ever wear skin tight, lime green Versace pants and a black mesh shirt with a diamond peace sign necklace, made especially for him by Cartier.

The clone is a slippery little devil, taking his master’s American Express card and going nuts–buying her rubies, buying himself leopard print g-strings and having the silver Jaguar painted yellow with red wheels.

This guy is out of control! But he brings out her wild qnd, impresses her children and falls in love with her, causing her pause about which “man” she really should be with. He knows he’s in love because his neck wires hurt.

Here is why Danielle Steel is a dork, if I haven’t convinced you by now. She tries to portray both “men” as great lovers, with the real man being more tender and naturally sexy but the clone being outright kinky and dangerous in the sack.

She is so vanilla, though, that the only kinkiness she can muster is acrobatic in nature. The first time she and the klone “do it,” he surprises her with a move called The Double Flip. Mid-coitus, they tumble through the air, defying gravity, with him landing on his back and her neatly on top.

Her beau, calling to check in, is very upset about this dangerous stunt, telling her that if he suggests The Triple Flip or Quadruple Flip, she needs to say no! He’s jealous, of course, but he continues to send the klone when he’s on business because she can’t be expected to live without him for 2 weeks while he’s gone. She does not resist the Triple, or the Quadruple flip, though.