3. Milan, Corpus Chronicorum Bononiensum (RIS2 , pt. 4). Bologna, Corpus Nummorum Italicarum. V. Rome, Crivelli Visconti, Umberto. ; Nicolò (mintmaster), Coron, 61,, , Corpus Nummorum Italicarum, counselor (L: conciliarius;V: consiero), 22, 31, 59, 94, IoS-4, II2, I Archivio di stato, Naples Archivio di stato, Parma Corpus nummorum Italicorum . Fondo Bentivoglio Serie Patrimoniale Rerum Italicarum Scriptores THE SIX.

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Monday, January 25, Corpus Nummorum Thracorum.

Corpus Nummorum Thracorum Thrace — modern Bulgaria, Northern Greece, and European Turkey — is an ancient region distinguished by years of interesting coinage which includes itakicarum rich variety of types.

The goal of the project, funded by the German Research Foundation Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft for three years, is a numismatic web portal.

Thracian coins found in museums and private collections throughout the world italicarmu be virtually collected in this online database that is free and open to the public. Additionally it is possible for museums and collections as well as for private persons to digitally document and publish their collections through the portal.


CNT – Corpus Nummorum Thracorum

This digital publication, including a recognizable reference number, image, weight, and italiacrum information, is an effective measure that can be taken to protect ancient cultural heritage. Posted by Charles Jones at 5: GreecenumismaticsThrace. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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AWOL is the successor to Abzua guide to networked open access data relevant to the study and public presentation of the Ancient Near East and the Ancient Mediterranean world, founded at the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago in Together they represent the longest sustained effort to map the development of open digital scholarship in any discipline.



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Digital Approaches to Antiquity Loading EducationOpen AccessAncient Studies.