chesterxyv/ or read it from the . Chester XYV is powered by WordPress with ComicPress. Subscribe . “Chester is everything I wish I could be in a robot boyfriend and Jess Fink is everything I wish I could be as an artist. This is the most sexcellent book you.

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Chester XYV – Comic Rocket webcomic list

Read the Isabelle and George storyline from the beginning here: The first half of Chester is collected in a book or PDF for your reading pleasure pages, published by TopShelf comics.

Order or download here: Robert is a hard working inventor and creator of Chester Robert has a very demanding job and little time for fooling around.

When his wife, Pricilla complains about his work-a-holic tendencies and lack of attention to detail during sex, Robert decides to fix the problem in a way befitting of an Engineer. Thus, Chester was cheater


Pricilla is a woman who knows what she wants, and she wants it often. When her hcester husband first created Chester for her she was frightened of the idea of a cold, unfeeling machine. Chester is the brilliant creation of a very talented Scientist and Engineer. He has many useful features and tries very hard to please.

However, Chester is more than zyv sum of his parts. He is a sensitive lover, a wonderful listener, remarkably intelligent and loyal. Isabelle is a Widow. She inherited the small amount of wealth she has from her deceased Husband and lived a somewhat lonely life until Chester came along.

The Scientist Robert is a hard working inventor and creator of Chester Likewise, Chester loves Pricilla and would not let anything keep them apart.

Isabelle Isabelle is a Widow. Ads by Project Wonderful!

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