AN, PLL Frequency Synthesizer, PLL02A. C, PLL Frequency Synthesizer for CB. C, PLL Frequency Synthesizer for CB. This 27 MHz band, PLL frequency synthesizer LSI chip is designed specifically for CB transceivers. The LC incorporates PLL circuitry and a controller . A page which lists the PLL used in most CB radio’s. Radios And Their PLL Chips! .. C, NA, MIDLAND, C, NA, MIDLAND, C .

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C Datasheet PDF –

The chip cannot be modified except the LC SBB chassis which can be modified with an external oscillator and mixer. No chance of modification. The MB is used in the popular Uniden chassis. In the Export versions it has a pair of MC binary Adders connected to it, this enables more Ncodes per mixing crystal.

Modification can be done by changing the loop mixing crystal cc5121 controlling pin 10 on the MB Used in alot of the newer Uniden ‘clone’ export radios. Also has a pair of MC binary adders to increase Ncode range.

These two chips were paired to form a PLL. If these are combined they make up a 8 bit binary counter. The AM models use a loop oscillator singnal and can be easily modified. Does the same functions but in one chip. This radio is useless without the mike controller.


It uses a single This chip is a phase comparator and programmable divider only.

It is used in conjunction with the MSL programmable divider. Modification is done by useing an external oscillator to replace the doubled 20 Mhz mixing signal coming from the 10 Mhz reference divider.

This chip is the same as above,the only diference is that this one uses a This is the most popular PLL ever made! Used in both U.

Due to large number of radio’s using this chip I have not listed them.

c55121 This Pll is now fitted to Unidens that say “Made in Malaysia” on the back panel. This chip is a clone of the MB with a few changes.

The resistor near Pin9 needs to be removed and a jumper wire with a ferrite bead put in its place to reconnect power to pin 9.

As this radio is not as broadbanded as previous Unidens it might not be worth the expense of the new chip.

LC5121 PLL Frequency Synthesizer

These models used the famous ‘sardine can’ type sealed PLL unit. These PLL’s are described elsewhere in this document. This chip uses binary programming. AM models can be modified by changing the programming or loop mixing crystal.


C CEPT PLL UK equivalent ? – Transmission1

It requires that you change both crystals to get all modes. This chip uses simple 8 bit binary programming.

This is one of the newer ROM type chips. This is a very poor design. Can be modified slightly by changing the programming to the pins. A better mod is to change the loop mixing crystal.

This chip also uses 6 bit binary programming. These chips use a double ROM c55121 to deny illegal modifications. This is a great PLL.

It has a possible channels via 10 bit BCD programming. The SSB models plll very broadbanded enabling channels. Modification can be done by changing the loop mixing crystals or a better method is to change the BCD programming. Pin 3 controls this operation. This will give 40 channels exactly Khz below the standard ‘FCC’ channels ie.