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Introduction to the Constitution of India is a book for everybody in India smavidhan abroad who wants to know anything about the Constitution of India during its first bhartiyya seven years. It meets the requirements of various Universities of India for the LL. The book is indispensable for politicians, journalists, statesmen and administrative authorities and is also prescribed in several Universities even for undergraduate courses in Civics. It incorporates all amendments to the Constitution upto th Constitutional Amendment Act, and contains materials, figures and charts not included in any publication so far on the subject.


Sammvidhan of the salient features of the book are: It traces the constitutional history of India since the Government of India Act, ; analyzes the provisions of the present Constitution and explains the interrelation between its diverse contents. It gives an account of the working of each of the provisions of the Constitution during its first decade with reference to statutes and decisions wherever necessary, together with a critical estimate of its trends, in a concluding chapter.

The three Legislative kaannada have been printed side by side for the convenience of reference.

The change made by the different Constitutional Amendment Acts upto the th Amendment and the reorganisation of the States made by various statutes may be seen at a glance. Without going into excessive detail, the footnotes and references have been printed at the end of each Chapter so that the advanced student and the researcher may profit by pursuing those references, after his study of the contents of each chapter.

The status of Jammu and Kashmir and the provisions of its State Constitution have buartiya appropriately dealt with. For customer support, please contact: Art 19 to The Power of Raisina Hill: Introduction to the Constitution of India.


Company Secretarial Practice Manual.

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code of India. Outlines Of indian legal and constitutional history. Judicial Review of Legislative Acts.

Introduction to the Constitution of India Telugu Translation.

Introduction to the Constitution of India (Kannada Translation)

Restatement of Indian Law: Legislative Privilege in India. Constitutionalism and Constitutional Pluralism. Writs and Other Constitutional Remedies. Introduction to the Constitution of India Tamil Translation. Indias Constitution —Origins and Evolution; Volume 9. Dr K S Chauhan Parliament: Powers, Functions and Privileges.

Bhaarata Samvidhana ( ಭಾರತ ಸಂವಿಧಾನ )

Bharat Ka Samvidhan-Ek Samiksha. Commentary on the Damvidhan of India; Vol Introduction to the Constitution of India Hindi Translation. Introduction to the Constitution of India Marathi Translation.

Introduction to the Constitution of India Gujarati Translation. Bharat Ka Samvidhan Hindi.