Áreas y Volúmenes de Cuerpos Geométricos. Uploaded by Yuri Sanchez. Fórmulas de figuras geométricas concentradas e ilustradas. Save. Áreas y. Guía de área y volumen de cuerpos geométricos. Nombre:: Calcula el área total de un cono de altura 24 cm y radio 7 cm. R: A. T. = ,36 cm 2. Title: ÁREAS Y VOLÚMENES DE SOLIDOS, Author: Jose Ignacio Marquez, Y DE CÁLCULO DE ÁREAS Y VOLÚMENES DE CUERPOS GEOMETRICOS.

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Click a filename to download that file. Click a folder name to view files in that folder. Thursday, 14 September Draw any angle on the graph screen.

Reminder That it’s a Short Week This Week – volumenes de cuerpos geometricos

Very usefull if you are the student who can’t remember the slew of equations and theorems required for the couse and tests. You can enter points, vectors, lines and planes and then solve many problems as distances, intersections, angles variancesrotating and much more.

Help with a lot of formulas is also included, so your 45 minutes exam will take only 5: Nice tutorial is added! Arc Length Calculates the Arc Length of a given function see readme. Arcs and Sectors “Arcs and Sectors” is a small, useful program for geometry students. It can find both the arc length and sector area, given a number of degrees and the radius. As an added bonus, it is written completely with dialog boxes and gives the exact and approximate answers.

Area Calculator This program calculates the bounded area and location of the centroid of any shape. Area of a Circular Segment This program computes the area of a circular segment the area between a chord and the arc it spans.

It doesn’t change the mode settings or add a new folder. Area and Volumes Calculating Version Solves for the areas of 6 different polygons, the volumes of 6 different solids, the surface area of a sphere, and the lateral area of a right circular cone.

Area and Volumes Equations Contains equations for the areas of 6 different polygons, the volumes of 6 different solids, the surface area of a sphere, and the lateral area of a right circular cone. Area and Volumes Full Version Contains equations and also solves for the areas of 6 different polygons, the volumes of 6 different solids, the surface area of a sphere, and the lateral area of a right circular cone.

Area of Bryant’s Circles This program allows you to determine the area of a circle with much more ease than the manual alternitive. Area of a Triangle v1. Angle Solve This program makes solving sinusoidal expressions easy.

Pas de limites de points. Le programme trace aussi les points. Bicentric Quadrilateral Compute different properties of bicentric quadrilaterals. Bretschneider’s Angle Formula Uses Bretschneider’s Angle formula to find the area of a quadrilateral.

Bretschneider’s Diagonal Formula Uses Bretschneider’s diagonal formula to find the area of a quadrilateral. Calculations for Pi Gives 3 different examples of how to calculate PI. Central Angle Find the area of a quadrilateral from the measure of the angle formed by the intersection of the diagonals and either its diagonal lengths or its side lengths.

It will also find the length of the chord’s arc. You can save any of these values to a variable. It changes back to whatever you had it on when it is done. Circ Calc This program calculates the circumference, diameter, radius, and area of a circle when either the circumference, diameter, radius, or area is given. Circ Func A progam that creates the Secant, Cosecant and Cotangent circle functions also known as arc functions.


Circle from Three Points Find the equation of a circle that passes through three points. Conic Section – Circle This program gives a variety of information about circles! Given input in standard or general form, this program will give the standard form equation, center, radius, domain, range, and produce a graph. Circle Program Finds the area, circumference, length of an arc with central angle defined, and the area of a sector with central angle defined.

Circle Properties Definitions of basic terms dealing with the circle along with pictures, and equations for finding the area and the circumference. Circle ‘Regression’ Not actually a true regression. For the 2 pt program, it shows the equation for the line passing through the centers of all circles passing through those two points.

Useful for geometry and pre-calc. Circles Converts between the general equation of a cirle, radius, and center point. Circles Allows you to enter a property of a circle, and it returns 5 properties of a circle, includes, radius, diameter, circumference, area, and volume. Clock Angles Find the angle made by the minute- and hour-hand at a certain time HH: Clock Hand Angle Find the angle between the hour hand and minute hand of a clock by inputting the hour, minute, and second.

You can choose to have an approximate decimal answer or a fractional exact answer. Complete the Square Complete the square to find the equation of a circle. Convex Hull Area This program calculates the area of a 2D convex hull given a matrix of points order is not important.

Grand Unified Conic Program89 Hangles any conic, general or standard, rotated or not. ConicEH This program calculates the foci, vertices, and center of an Ellipse or a Hyperbola, conic sections. ConicID ConicID calculates the type of conic section as well as the angle of rotation for the equation. Ti Conics Suite This all-encompassing Conics Suite calculates Standard Form, the type of Conic, essential information about the graph length of latus recturm, foci, vertices, length of major and minor axis, equation for asymptotes and directrixes.

A must have for anyone in Algebra 2 or Precalculus. It does everything from finding the radius of a cicle to finding the eccentricity of a hyperbola. A aread if you are having trouble with conics or if you are just tired of them.

Function Converter Converts a 3-d function from either rectangular, Cylindrical, or Spherical form to each of the other to forms see readme for details and an example.

Coordinates of a Regular Polygon Get the coordinates of a regular polygon with a given length centered around the origin. Linear Line Information input 2 points as parameters coor x1,y1,x2,y2 and find out the slope, midpoint, distance, y- and x- intercepts of the line. Space Curves 89 This program adds new functionality to your TI This program is very useful for 3dimensional projectile motion, and any other applications that may use 3d graphing of curves.


Polygon Analysis Calculates area, perimeter and centre of gravity of a polygon given vertexes in whatever their order may be. In case of one or more points inside the polygon the program calculates also the barycentre of all the points. Cyclic Quadrilateral Diagonal Lengths Get the lengths of the diagonals in a cyclic quadrilateral, given the side lengths.

DiagCirc creer un diagrame circulaire create a circular graph. Diagonal “Diagonal” is a very simple program written entirely in dialog boxes for the sole purpose of finding the number cuwrpos diagonals in a regular, convex polygon. Equation to Point Distance Finds distance between: Distance Formula This is the distance formula.

It finds the distance between two points. It is very useful in geometry afeas. Distance Formula this will find the distance of two points. Type in two coordinates, and you get the distance, slope, y-intercept, and the midpoint.

ovlumenes Was part of mw. Distance 89 A program to find the distance between two points. Distance Finds the distance between two points on a coordinante plane. Gives answers in exact and approx form and cleans up after itself by deleting any variables it uses.

It saves alot of time. Incluye visualizacion de la poligonal.


Besides it shows the polygon visualization. Draw a Regular Polygon Draw a regular polygon on the graph screen. Conic Section – Ellipse Given the equation of an ellipse in either General or Standard form, this program gives the standard form equation, center, a value, end points of major ed, b value, end points of minor axis, focal distance, foci, end points of focal chords, eccentricity, minor axis length, major axis length, domain, range, and graph.

Find Area Find the area of triangles, trapezoids, circles, and ellipses.


Find Surface Area Find the surface area of spheres, cylinders, and cones. Find Volume Find the volume of prisms, pyramids, cones, and spheres. Math Functions These are some math functions I made to help you with geometry. Gudermannian Function This function computes the inverse things of the mercator projection. Geometry 89 PLUS version 3. Geometry 89 Excellent geometry program for the TI Includes Pythagorean theory, slope-intercept form, function form from an equation or two points, area, volume, and other stuff.

Download and read the word file with snapshots. He proclaims the best? After I edited it: This is beta, Hey! Geometry Helper 89 v1. Geometry A quick reference for common two dimensional and three dimensional geometric formulas.

Geometry Equations Solver This program allows you to keep track of a list of equations, in different catagories, and then recall them later and solve by plugging in values. Saves a lot of time on tests and homework. Very useful on tests. Geometry Toolbox 2 89 v1.

Geometry Formulas Plus This program allows the user to quickly find the area, perimeter, surface area, or volume of many different geometrical figures.