Our shop retails A4 Ar tonelico Visualbook Soutengakushi (Art Book) Ar Tonelico Enterbrain Hobby Magazine on the Web. WELL, I’M TALKING ABOUT THE ARTBOOK FOR THE VIDEO GAME AR TONELICO, THAT’S WHAT BITCHES! AND THIS WASN’T IMPORTED. [Artbook] Ar Tonelico II Scan. Gaming Books @ Emuparadise. Direct Download: Unforunately this file has been removed for now. Find out more. Size: 65M.

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So Udon has been quite fast in bringing this Englished translated edition out. This is the first time I’ve heard of the game and seen its artwork. The content bok are arranged into three chapters for the splash art, character designs and the interview. The art is beautiful. The character designs come with the character profiles.

Boo designs are the finished versions so there aren’t any concept sketches. There are also costume designs for the female characters at different levels.

The background artworks are great but many pieces are packed into a 2-page spread that appears before the chapters. So each piece is rather small. The lengthy interview at the back is with producer Astunori Kawachi booo director Akira Tsuchiya. They talk about the concept of the story, the game and the music.


Ar Tonelico Art Book | Spoils

The binding of the book looks alright, the glue not very flexible so I would recommend caution as with other paperback artbooks published by Udon. Here are direct links to the book: Thanks bok the review and the images. I’m a big Ar tonelico fan and was wondering about a few more things. How much of the in-game lore does this book actually cover?

I caught some glimpses of the towers, but I don’t know how detailed it gets. A timeline, details about the events that shaped the world, an explanation of Hymnos magic and the technology, Songs, etc. The lore in this game is to die for, and I was hoping this art book would cover it.

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[Artbook] Ar Tonelico II Scan

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Ar Tonelico -VISUAL BOOK- Art Book

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