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Oferujemy ebooki w najpopularniejszych formatach: Publikujemy wywiady z autorami, recenzje, informacje o premierach i bestsellerach. Cena w punktach Virtualo: Do koszyka Na prezent. What is their structure? Is there one method of successful legal negotiation?

Apelacja W Postępowaniu Cywilnym Komentarz Orzecznictwo – Małgorzata Manowska

Is it reasonable to settle disputes through negotiations? They posit that one could and should view the law as a negotiable phenomenonthus dispensing with the constraints imposed by legal positivism.

They claim further that, as there is no unique key to legal negotiations, one should acknowledge that there are different models of negotiating, and identify three such possible models: The models are described both from the theoretical perspective, as well as by providing catalogues of the principles of right, effi cacious and economically effi cient negotiating. The Phenomenon of Negotiations 9 1.


– Arbitration in Poland – Bibliography

The negotiable law 12 The open-endedness manowsja legal interpretation 14 What is a legal rule? Three models for negotiations 23 The argumentation model 24 The topic-rhetorical model 25 The economic model 25 Criteria for distinguishing between negotiation models 27 3.

The practice of negotiations 27 Five sources of misunderstanding 28 The existing models of negotiations 32 Chapter II.

The Argumentation Model 37 1. Rightness as a negotiation criterion 40 The concept of rightness 40 The discursive approach to rightness 46 2.

The top-down strategy 47 Normative deduction 47 The key moments of negotiations 49 3.

Ten principles of right negotiations 60 Chapter III. The Topic-Rhetorical Model 68 1. Efficacy as the criterion of negotiations 72 The concept of efficacy 72 Particular audience 74 2. The bottom-up strategy 76 The key moments in negotiations 76 Negotiation eristic 81 3.

Arbitration in Poland

Controversy over the topic-rhetorical model 87 Underdetermination 88 Amoralism 88 Psychologism 89 Eristic character 90 Eclecticism 90 Relativism 91 4. Ten principles of efficacious negotiating 92 Chapter IV.

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The Economic Model manowwka.

Economic efficiency as the criterion of negotiations The economic way of thinking Law as an economic fact Peculiarities of legal negotiations 2. The mixed strategy Between top-down and bottom-up Common and conflicting interests The key moments of negotiations 3. Podaruj prezent, komu tylko chcesz.