FixFakeFlash – solution Alcor controller (chip set not mentioned) identified with VID & PID Unchanged, Controller changed to: AU serial. FixFakeFlash – solution AU controller identified with VID = Alcor VID = F PID = Repair Fake Flash Drive SolutionIn “Alcor”. Repair transcend flash online alcor micro AU/AU for end online format tool can format and repair any Transcend flash.

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Support me or Bloggy bloggy by buying us me and my blog items that help us both: Got scammed by some ebay seller, and want to fix your hacked key to its default memory to prevent data corruption on your memory stick. Well here is a simple step by step procedure to fix memory of your hacked a,cor fake usb keys. So, lets flash it back to its default 1 GB value and fix this sucker good.

First of all you will need to open up your usb key casedo not worry most ebay keys are easy to open, i opened mine with just my finger nails. Some might need exacto knife or something that will do the trick.

Now look at the memory controller chip. Flip the alocr key and look at what memory you actually have on the darn usb key. Rest of it is now pretty simple if you are lucky to have the flash files for your particular memory key. Simply download Alcor 2. Now, just follow the steps below in alcro figure to fix your hacked usb key to normal capacity. Post your queries if you are unable to follow. Simply go to Setup if you key is not regonized automatically and select from dropdown the memory you have, use update.

Now hit START shown in the first figure and it should do the format and flash it back to normal value, and if alcoe key is all fixed back to original capacity. Will write about fix for keys using iCreate to hack usb keys tomorrow. Bit tired right now. Alcor Key Fix Blog Post. Have fun fixing your keys and Good luck to you all those who have been Scammed by fake usb key sellers off ebay and other locations.

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You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. I also got a 16Gb pen drive from ebay. It is like a key shape and very thin. I have open and see the chip for the usb key. It does not have any think at all. To identify the it brand, it does not have any name except lion mark on it and it has a code in the face or cover of the pen drive itself it is N Can you help me with this?

Just start the program. Windows will see the partition with the right size. I am sure that the trick work to with tools like True Image a. Does anybody cn give me a clue? Hi like many others I was duped with the purchase of a fake 64gb Kingston usb drive ebay zu6983 It appears this is actually a 2gb pen. Opened it up and discovered a Samsung mem chip. Does anyone know if there is a tool to do this …and walk me through the process.


I have opened it out and the chip nos are: While the controler responds, the memory chip reference for this chip does not show up in the dropdown. But nothing has happenned. This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free.

I love seeing websites that understand the value of providing a quality resource for free. Did you acquired lots of links and I see lots of trackbacks?? Refer to this article to get USB driver: Run H2testW to determine when first errors are detected. Then partition it to 50M less than when failed in H2testW above could try closer to limit, but 50M works 4. Then retest with H2testW. From the Properties dialog, click on the Driver tab e.

Click the Roll back Driver button ii.

AlcorMP(MD) / – восстановление флешек, каталог утилит, статьи, форум

Click Update Driver and let Windows choose the best driver recommended. So for me my 64GB stick came in at MB i. My usb, and other usb, cannot be detected in all of those programs.

I have been trying to unhack the memory of my fake pendrives which I bought thinking they were genuine but have not been able to. This is the info I have: This guide worked a6983 me. Now testing the drive for corrupt data.

AlcorMP 121214.eD3 (AU6989, AU6998, SC908)

Ketantry going through http: Could anyone please let me know which company manufactures nand flash with this serial no. I tried google but no success, please share your experience if some one has come across similar kind of Nand Flash chip.

Well that does not help, provide controller number, memory number does not dictate the tool to use. au983

The controller starts with Mw somethingand i found that it is this software in that russian siteyou refered. Thanks there sebastian not sure which controller you had, for it seems those alccor are for memory chip and not controller chip.

Cool, just make sure you can put the right amount of files by doing the capacity test before starting to use disk for data corruption is something you will not like! Instructions i found from ebay post: Unless maybe a temp. Curtis, norton nor sophos aocor anything like that for me, so dunno, but like i said i am not responsible for any damages and stuff using the softwares that are downloaded from various sites.

Avast stopped it cold. Youcef ask those sellers on ebay how they do it, for i have no clue how they do, plus you will need to know Chinese for sure.

Hopefully it will come handy for onlookers to find the tool they want. Entire Alcor shared directory: Link to each file: Alternate download location, all above files in one RAR http: Hmm… not sure what happened maybe to fix those keys not recognized by alcor, should give a shot at h2testw maybe and see if after that it gets recognized?


So your key is fixed now olof i did run the file corruption test thing of a jiggy to be on the safe side. Now it suddenly works!!

All I did was running h2testw and filled it up with garbage and now all of a sudden it showed up in alcormp as this one:. Oh no i am gonaa get Tanked hehe. So i am assuming your disk still not fixed? Usually a manual selection of memory chip to something similar to what you actually have might even work out too. Auto-recognition is the best but unfortunately it does not happen with all the sticks. Yes, unfortunately no version of alcormp seems to recognize the chip.

Yo Olofdid you try the fixes available on this allcor Steve, did you try the test that makes sure your data is written properly though? All that matters is that you can actually put the specified qu6983 GB data on that partition or atleast 3.

If that works it might be a fix for all other keys too without need to actually search those Chinese sites for re-flashing tools. I got ripped by chaiching I tried with the latest AlcorMP but the memory chip is not listed there. Thank you so much Steve Pritchard. I used your method to finally format alcorr Flash Drive to the right size. I purchased a 16 GB flash drive off of ebay and it was giving me alot of trouble with loss data and errors.

Unlike an MP Tools flash which properly fixed my akcor stick, the HP tool does things slightly differently. The 4Gb partition passes the H2TestW test no alxor.

Could anyone help me? AK AB 0H4. Steve do you know the original or true capacity of the drive though, did you try the key capactiy test? Try it and see if it can actually put 4 gb of data on it? If it can i assume that tool does fix properly and by default does not set to 4gb, else if your true flash key capacity is 2 gb, and its set to 4gb, it might not be the right fix.

So would you mind running the qlcor check if not done so already? Instructions for test can be found at: Just download unbuntu Linux for free, burn it to disk, start from it.

In this environment you can partition ever Stick in sizes and fortmats you want. Guys… i found an extremely easy solution for fixing these problems, no matter what controller chipset the device has.